Lab-metal "450" (24 oz. can)

Similar properties to regular Lab-metal but will air dry and withstand 450F without the need for "heat curing". (24 oz. can)
Manufacturer: Alvin Products
SKU: 10106

Spreads like paste, hardens into metal. Adheres to metal, wood, plastic, glass. Apply right from the can. No mixing of two parts, no measuring or heat required. Lab-metal can be milled, drilled, tapped, ground, and sanded smooth. Will not shrink or crack. Water resistant, rustproof. Withstands heat to 450ºF and cold to -40ºF. Thin with Lab-solvent for brushing or spraying a metallic coating. Many applications may be made from a single can -- simply add Lab-solvent before covering. Workability of Lab-metal is enhanced by dipping applicator into Lab-solvent. Durable, permanent filler for patching seams and cracks; rebuilding worn metal surfaces; repairing dented metal; finishing welds; filling holes and imperfections in metal castings; repairing parts prior to powder coating. Lab-metal is not intended to be used as an adhesive. Lab-metal can be used as a epoxy putty, auto body filler, epoxy repair putty, high temperature epoxy.


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